the ridge grave girls 

 a prom queen-to-be must break free from her small town’s ominous legacy of prom queens that die after their crowning. 

our laurels!

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a dark coming-of-age satire, opposites attract in a small-town high school, where the only way to truly live is to die.

how many pretty dead girls have you seen on film? count it out.

do you know why dead girls are a film phenomenon?

it's because of  ‘‘voyeuristic scopophilia"  (laura mulvey).

voyeuristic scopophilia describes how women’s bodies are displayed, sexualised and dismembered for the audience’s viewing pleasure.

these are patriarchal contortions of the female figure: where ultimate femininity is portrayed as a woman’s ‘beautiful’ death. 


because in death women can be the perfect patriarchal object: without autonomy and selfhood. 

in ‘‘the ridge grave girls", we deconstruct the romanticisation of dead girls on screen. it is our reclamatory feminist and queer short film: giving the dead girl her voice back.

images used in order: jennifer's body (2009), the autopsy of jane doe (2016), twin peaks (1990), the virgin suicides (1999), ophelia (2018).  all of these films play with and deconstruct the trope of ‘‘the dead girl". they have served as inspirations for ‘‘the ridge grave girls" and are highly recommended!other inspirations: vertigo (1958), the slumber party massacre (1982), heathers (1988), carrie (2013)