cast & crew

what are we?

“the ridge grave girls” is a short film is about the romanticisation and immortalisation of women through death.

this is a true story: evelyn mchale was a woman who jumped off the empire state building. her body crushed a car and a male photographer took a picture of her corpse. she was named the “most beautiful suicide”.

that’s the thesis which “the ridge grave girls” works off and satirises: the idea that women become the perfect feminine when they are framed in death. and that satire is conducted on a microscopic level, through the romanticisation of prom queens in a small town.


junko karo - director, writer, executive producer

tatiana coleman - director, cinematographer

sarah rebecca levy - assistant director, assistant photographer, documentarian

azeem akhtar-hoque - assistant cinematographer, documentarian

tessa muhle - assistant photographer, production assistant

charlotte rabiei - script supervisor

vera fortun - set designer

castille le chatelier - makeup

radhika rohit - gaffer

haedden mund - gaffer

aldwin li - prop designer


sophia smith as ther

greta degner as ronin

castille le chatlier as mia

aldwin li as news reporter

hana el hilaly as sterling

vera fortun as laura

manya dutt as juliette

charlotte rabiei - dancer

josie schiffer - dancer


tessa muhle - editor

abena oppon - music composer

carrie cheung - social media manager, assistant composer, website designer, sound mixer

aldwin li - marketing designer, artist

greta degner - social media advertising, promotional material

junko karo - post-production overseer, assistant editor, website designer

extras/production help

sergio castagnoli

carrie cheung

melony filson 

orla hamill

anaya mehta

sarah levy

aldwin li

tessa muhle

haedden mund

abena oppon

michael pagano

len prabhakar

radhika rohit

josie schiffer

amber small